Kaylidria was once a place of beauty, of art, and of science. The Calamity changed all that. Now it drifts restlessly across the sky. The ruins of great Kaylidria stand as a testament to progress unrestrained.

The ’Neers guild took to deconstructing magic the way a gnome might pick apart a clockwork orange. They peeled back the layers, tinkered with the raw stuff of pure magic, and made discoveries that blew the lid off the very nature of it.

Kaylidria was a marvel; The entire city built itself into the air. It floated through the air, drifting wherever the citizens wanted it. Trade flourished, culture exploded, and discoveries of world shattering magnitude were made on a daily basis.

But like many paradises, it was not to last. A young hothead in the ’Neers guild thought he had it all figured out. He laid out his plan to the city. Many agreed with him, but many did not. Arguments on both sides escalated, until eventually a schism erupted, splitting the citizenry in two. Tempers grew hot as tension escalated. Finally, it came to blows. For months they warred in the streets, tearing down and rebuilding anything that could be used as a weapon.

And then their world exploded. The Calamity had arrived. In an instant, the entire civilization was wiped off the map. the ground broke apart into a million fragments, and though Kaylidria can still occasionally be seen drifting drunkenly across the sky, nothing is left but eerie silence and half glimpsed ruins.

No one has ever successfully reached Kaylidria, but occasionally a piece of the city careens drunkenly off and crashes down to earth, its magic finally failing. The artifacts recovered from these ruins are the stuff of legends. Very little survived The Calamity, but even that has had huge implications for the world. It is said that Dahl’s dominance over all of the northern forests is due to but one of these artifacts, hidden in a vault and guarded with utmost secrecy.

Rumors abound about the lost treasures of Kaylidria, but the truth remains locked in the drifting towers and deserted streets of the city of legend.


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