The Wharf

The Wharf is a place of answers. Answers to questions involving such subject matter as exotic gnome dancers for example. This is a city that has learned that everyone has a desire, and no matter how abstruse your needs, they offer a service to satisfy it. Not to say that the wharf is made up entirely of undesirables, they really do have an answer for every need, from the depraved and the perverted all the way to the mundane, the noble, the just, or the just plain esoteric.

With so many cultures meeting and mingling, and a strong orientation as a trading city, it is only natural that proprietors began to slowly extend the scope of their operations and eventually to specialize in the truly bizarre or the weird. Arcane shops selling every kind of reagent line the streets of Wizard’s Lane, and if you know where to look or who to ask, magical items and accoutrements of every shade of morality are available to those willing to shell out the coin.

Hightown specializes in goods for the wealthy, offering fine silks, exquisite tailoring, expertly crafted furniture, and the latest trend from the capital cities. This is also the place for hired servants, chefs, and other staff that take care of the day to day maintenance of wealthy houses.

Lowtown is the place to go for back alley deals, tavern brawls, back alley brawls, barroom brawls, public beatings, and general rough-housing. It is not uncommon to see a drunken sailor, adventurer, or even merchant point at a nearby loiterer, loudly mumble something incomprehensible, and then proceed to smash his empty drink flagon against the offenders head for some imagined slight. Lowtown is the place where the rest of the city, and indeed the local police forces often complain, seemingly the rest of Zendal come to unwind and let loose. The red lantern district within Lowtown is famous far and wide as a purveyor of any desire of the flesh that you can imagine, and extracts of poisons, powders, herbs and oozes can be obtained in its various back alleys, occasionally through insertion via dagger if you’re not careful. But for the quick witted, those who know what to look for, or those simply too large and intimidating to be bothered, Lowtown provides a wealth of hard to find items, nick-knacks and objects, limited in scope only by the imagination.

The one feature that ties the entire city together is the same one that gives it its name, the wharf that extends off of the crescent bay out into the water, and which feeds the city its unending cargoes of goods, customers, and entrepreneurs looking to strike up business or individuals looking to conduct some business of their own. It feeds into each section of the city like a life-line, connecting them all and acting as the vital heart and circulatory system that keeps the vibrant pulse of The Wharf beating.

The Wharf

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