Melange Mining co

The Melange Mining co. has fallen on hard times recently. About 20 years ago then heir to the Melange holdings, Charles Melange got into a huge scandal by marrying the foreign dilettante Cassandra Caspian of the Azelmish Caspian Mining co

With bad blood between the two ever since Melange forced Caspian out of the great desert and Pyria, and the marriage was frowned upon by members of both families. The two eloped anyways, and despite the disapproval of the rest of the family, Charles was already bound by law and contract to inherit the company.

Charles’ disinterest in expanding his family’s holdings combined with neglectful management and the active work of the Caspian Mining co. to lay low Melange meant that over the course of his tenure, the Melange mining co fell on hard times.

Without taking the risks necessary to open new mines, the company was in no position to recover when their main silver mine dried up. Members of the family all coped in different ways, but in the opinion of most everyone in Pyria, this was the death of the Melange Mining co.

Melange Mining co

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