Once there was an ancient race. It flew across the land on wings of steel and thunder. In tis place of glory we once found the height of civilization accroding to these people. They fell, as many do, and when tehy did their wings grew stale and rusty. They could no longer fly, and lost their abiloities to call down the lightning. Afterwards, there was a dam. The dame was a massive undertaking. The people who could not fly knew something about turbines, and so they made it so. Into the rock they carved the names and faces of the fallen. The dam leads down to a rver. In the bottom of the river is a lake, and down in its depths are wonders beyond imagining. Many climb the canyon walls to get a glimpse at its secrets but none survive. It is said that sometimes in the night one can heqar the low keening of SOMETHING moving. Something still working. but in the present there is nothing.

The land they marked with their sign.

In the desert there is a vast network of ruins. The desert is not empty, but the sands destroy all. Very little is left of those that came before. Some tamed the sands, some lived within its cycles. What is left behind often proves valuable.

In the region of erudan the silver sky people dwelt. Dahl is not the only kingdom to attempt claim of this arid land. The bones of huge megapretators litter the landscape, and the skeletal remains of once respelendent buildings act as a warning from those who came before.

Erudan is a gold mine of archeological sites.

The great desert brims with ancient relics powerful enough to survive the shifting sands and deadly storms.


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