God of the gnomes generally and mechagon specifically, Fizrig is one of the few current examples of a god directly ascended from mortal stock. Unlike most of the pantheon, whose powers are rooted in eternal concepts or the earliest forms of civilization, Fizrig governs engineering and advanced artifice, things that did not even exist until relatively recently.

Fizrig was the first and greatest champion of the gnomes. Before his rise, the gnomes were a largely nomadic people that had no true home to call their own. Accepted into towns and societies more out of charity than any real value they contributed. It was Fizrig that explored the inhospitable land now known as mechagon, and led his people down into the caverns that he found there. The clean water and nutrients from the roots of the Ketsu tree provided for the gnomes something they’d never had access to before: the ability to settle and survive.

Not content with merely ekeing out an existence on the fringe, Fizrig wanted his people to thrive. The tinkering of the gnomes had been widely known and famous for a very long time before their migration underground, but there had never been labs, or indeed even solid ground with which to build largely immobile machines. Necessity had found all gnomish engineering lightweight and portable up to this point.

Fizrig set to work directing different groups of gnomes to work together as teams of specialists, and set them about the tasks of carving out comfortable lives for themselves underground. It was he who set in motion the plans for the great gates of Mechagon City. He was the one who built the prototype gear and led the first explorator teams out into the harsh environment of the world above for the invaluable ketsu wood.

After a lifetime of pushing the gnomes into the future, Fizrig ascended into the heavens, taking his place among the immortal pantheon of gods, and continues to this day to keep a watchful eye on his rambunctious and innovative race.

Sometimes he appears as he did just before his ascension, an old man on the verge of infirmity. In this guise he will provide advice and sage wisdom, usually to gnomes who then go on to do great things. Other times he will appear as he did in his youth, urging his people never to give up the enthusiasm and quest for innovation that brought them so far.

His clerics and priests, such as they are, act either as advisers to senior gnomish officials, or else as ambassadors into the outside world, proving the inquisitiveness and vitality of the gnomish race.


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