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Galor is made up of several continents, and within the continent of Zendal, there exist several major factions. The kingdom of Dahl in the far north, the plains of erudan south of that, the great desert of the Pyres bordering the plains, the dense forest industrial nation of mechagon marking the southernmost edge of the desert, and the harsh and barren rocky landscape of Graden is the furthest south of all nations, reaching toward the southern pole of the wored and crowned by the great twin peaks of Gheron and Cradon.

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- Dahl
- erudan
- Pyres
- mechagon
- Graden

Major Cities:
- Avelia
- The Wharf
- Pyria
- Mechagon City
- Gheron and Cradon
- Azelm
- Portside
- Kaylidria

- The Council of Seven
- Melange Mining co
- Blue Sword Mercenaries

- Thaznil

- Namilir
- Vycek
- Talmin
- Mivna
- Fizrig
- Sythrax

Main Page

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